MPFN Members love nature. Here you’ll find a selection of member submitted photos organised into galleries. We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed capturing these images.

I want this page to be about our members and their photos. A bunch of nature lovers like MPFN members must have some memorable photos to share. So if it’s only one or two or even twenty-five, please send them along to me at

Nature needs you & we need your nature photos!

Bob Codd
MPFN Website Coordinator & President

Ken’s Pics
Ken MacDonald, together with his wife Susan are the backbone of the club. It’s safe to say the MPFN would not be what it is without them. I’m certain they would both shun the praise but it’s well deserved. Susan is the MPFN Treasurer and Ken is the Program Director and Ontario Nature Representative. Both are avid birders and naturalists. Here is a modest sampling of Ken’s brilliant nature photography. Ken’s Pics

Deepthie’s Pics
Mary Rajapakse, our MPFN Sawlog Bay and Arizona corespondent is known to her friends by the name her father gave her – Deepthie. How she came to be called Mary is a story worth hearing. I hope she will tell it some time. Deepthie is an infectiously enthusiastic naturalist and is embodiment of the founding principles of the MPFN. What follows here are some of her photos from her trips to Sri Lanka. Deepthie is a prolific writer & photographer. Look for more of her photos here and read her stories elsewhere in this website. Deepthie’s Pics

Jim’s Pics
Clubmember Jim Charlebois is active in the Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program. Jim explains:”Kyna Intini  is in charge of the program and holds the license that allows us to band and tag the Swans. Laurel Ironside is the expert here “. (Jim works closely with Laurel) “I’m in the learning stage. I have 3 rescues on my own and 1 capture with Laurel. I’m sure I will be doing more in the future. 1 rule: we do not capture Swans alone unless its a rescue and we have no other choice. I had one of those”. We’re proud to call Jim a member of the MPFN! Jim’s Pics

Bob’s Pics

Club president Bob Codd, together with his wife Sue and their loyal dog Piper spend a lot of time in the field looking for birds and other nature sightings to photograph. Here are some of their most recent images. Bob’s Pics