Our members have provided these links for your education and enjoyment

There are many sites on the internet for us to connect with nature. We can be amused, dazzled, thrilled or just interested by various web sites. Here are some examples:

If you know of any organisations or websites not mentioned here that deserve our attention please email a link to:   info@mpfn.xyz


The Wye Marsh: Perhaps the most relevant nature link to the Field Nats 

The Marl Tiny Matchedash (MTM) Conservation Association is a not for profit charitable organization dedicated to managing one Provincial Resource Management Area and two Provincial Wildlife Areas which are Marl Lake, Tiny Marsh, and Matchedash Bay in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Ducks Unlimited Canada. Tiny Marsh is the number one birding hotspot in Simcoe County

The Owl Foundation is a registered Canadian charitable organization focused on helping wild Canadian owls that are injured or orphaned. The Foundation operates an owl rehabilitation centre located in the Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. MPFN supports the Owl Foundation. All proceeds from Our Christmas Bird Count potluck dinner & silent gift auction go towards helping Ontario owls.

All About Birds: By Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Another great resource to learn about birds and make identifications

Georgian Bay Forever is a charity dedicated to scientific research and public education on Georgian Bay’s aquatic ecosystem.

The Parry Sound Nature Club    is a passionate group of individuals with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds but whom all have an enthusiastic interest in nature.

Xerces Society: Help butterflies and other invertebrates

Monarch Watch: Keep tabs on the Monarch

Ontario Field Ornithologists: all about birds

Ontario Invasive Plant Council: take action on invasives

Ontario Nature: Protect wild species, wild spaces

Ontario Wildflowers: plant i.d.

Return of the Native: A local source for native plants and a great source of information & so much more by our own Kate Harries

http://www.donsnaturephotography.com/      Our own Don Downer’s nature photography

  https://wildflowersearch.org/search?page=Instructions    Wildflower step by step ID Guide

SS Keewatin   Visit the last Edwardian passenger steamship of its type in the world! (Five years older than Titanic.) While not actually a nature resource the SS Keewatin is an important link to our area’s history. Their communications director has provide irreplaceable assistance to the MPFN and the establishment of this revised website. Thanks!

Wildlife Preservation Canada: Canada’s last defence for endangered species.

The Wilderness Committee   Envisioning a Canada where wilderness and wildlife thrive for the benefit of all, we are united to protect life-giving biological diversity in Canada through strategic research, community mobilizing and grassroots public education.

The Bug Guide: insect i.d.

Insect Identification for the Casual Observer      Ontario Insects

Backyard Nature SELECTED BUTTERFLIES & some of their larvae from ONTARIO, CANADA

Backyard Nature Nature Quotes

Toronto area natutralist, Miles Hearn has a very interesting site with great pics.

Turtle & Amphibian Resources include: Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre ; Saving Turtles At Risk (START) & Kids for Turtles 

Go to this link for a really amusing “discovery” video about penguins from the BBC. Once on that site, you can watch some of the other amusing animal videos.

If you are enthralled with bugs, try What’s That Bug for some wonderful photos and interesting facts about the insect world. It is an American web site, but the bugs are international!

Science Daily Another fascinating site, with information from the world of science about just about anything in the world, including nature.

If you are interested in astronomy check out Sky & Telescope. To look at most of the information on this site, you have to register. But it is free. Don’t forget our own Terence Dickinson’s web page. Check out the view from the space station at night!

If you want something closer to home, try Wild Canada.net It is meant to be a destination site for would-be tourists, but there is lots of information on our country here.

If you are interested in local nature, you can start with the Simcoe Nature Board. This is our local bulletin board of sightings in Simcoe County. Managed by Bob Bowles, the site is populated by local people just like you, who post their sightings from our area. Birds, insects, plants, etc., are all here, and you can ask questions too.

eBird: By the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. An expansive resource for everything bird related. With valuable information on birds and even a place to submit your own sightings and images. Find out which birds are being spotted right in your own neighbourhood or on the other side of the globe.

This is just a start on nature on the web, so get clicking!