Our Book Club

by Dave Whitehead

Our book club holds rather informal meetings without bothersome rules – like you’ve got to read the book before the meeting. We like it that way. Some manage to fly through every word. Some fake it. While I would not like to disparage the quality of our members nor the books we’ve tried, I think perhaps our best gifts to each other is shared experience in the wonder of this fantastic world in which we are blessed to live.

Topics have been varied, from Chris Gudgeon’s, Consider the Fish which points out that Canada’s history was just as determined by fish as it was by beaver or white pine to Silver Don Cameron’s; Living Beaches; that underlines the uncontrollable nature of shorelines.

We normally meet on a Sunday afternoon, once a month. Books, that are suggested by anyone, are agreed upon a few months ahead so as to share books and give time for a leisurely perusal. So far, numbers have permitted us to meet in houses with delicious snacks at the close. If others discover how fun and friendly we are we may need to reconsider where to meet but we’re nothing if not adaptable.

A list of Books We Have Read

Book-Club_-Books-We-Have-Read-Oct. 2023