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Wye Marsh is excited to announce that we will be re-opening the trail system in a limited capacity at 9:00 am on June 1, 2020 but it needs our help more than ever during these difficult times

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Our club has been a supporter of the Owl Foundation for many years.  Every year as a thank you the Foundation gives us passes for 4 people to attend their annual open house. It’s time to get the bidding started in our auction for this valuable experience.  Who wants to start it off with an opening bid of $50?

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Garlic Mustard pull at Tiny Marsh Friday May 29 and Saturday May 30
Weeding Garlic Mustard is the perfect social distancing volunteer job, with every one able to stay well apart – and enjoy the great outdoors. Join us at Tiny Marsh, northwest of Elmvale, on Friday May 29, 9 am to noon or Saturday May 30, 9 am to noon.

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The Midland-Penetanguishene Field Naturalists are cancelling their general meeting scheduled to be held at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre in Midland on Thursday May 21st 2020. The state of emergency in Ontario has been extended, organized gatherings of more than 5 people are still banned in the province and our venue the Wye Marsh, as a Federal Nature Reserve, is now closed by order of Environment Canada until further notice.

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More great images submitted by our members can be found here

On the Environmental front

Ontario Nature, on behalf of itself & its affiliates has sent this letter to the Ontario Government defending the role of local conservation authorities in opposition to proposals made by the Ford administration. Read the letter. 

While we all remain distracted by the Covid 19 crisis the Ontario government continues along an unsustainable, economy over the environment approach. Expansion of the Teedon Pit, a gravel quarry near Elmvale, which sits atop an aquifer bearing the cleanest water on Earth, continues with little notice or opposition. If you do only one thing today, please watch this short Youtube video.

Thanks to Kate Harries for reminding us all that nature needs our help.

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More Cancellations

The latest info we have is that all parks and recreation areas are now closed until the end of May.  We’re pretty sure that will include the Wye Marsh so we do not have a venue for our May meeting.  It also seems pretty clear that we are not at the point where it is once again safe to gather in groups.  So consider the May meeting cancelled.  The Tiny Marsh Bioblitz that was scheduled for June 20th is also cancelled.  The organizers are trying to come up with some sort of virtual blitz to take its place.  Stay tuned!

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Our Mission

To study and
appreciate nature.
To protect and preserve wildlife
and the environment.
To stimulate public interest in,
and promote protection
and preservation of nature.

Who we are

The Midland Penetanguishene Field Naturalists Club (MPFNC) is one of the oldest affiliates of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists. The objective of the Club is to promote public awareness of natural history, conservation and the environment. We feature lectures by expert naturalists on a range of fascinating topics at our monthly meetings. We also schedule  outings (field trips) and nature study.

We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month, 7:30 PM at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre No meeting in December, July or August.  Our June meeting is held at Tiny Marsh.

For a printable shedule of meetings & events click: MPFN 2019 2020 Season Brochure

The MPFNC is involved in many projects in the area including the Christmas Bird Count as well as environmental and wildlife surveys, the Tiny Marsh BioBlitz and the Sweet Water Harvest at the Wye Marsh. The club also supports the Owl Foundation at the Christmas Bird Count Potluck Wrap-up at the Wye Marsh. This year we raised $300 for the Owl Foundation of Vineland through our famous Mystery Gift Not-So-Silent Auction.

MPFN member Mary Rajapakse gets lots of birds in her gardens at Sawlog Bay. Here's Mary: Here is my Victory Story, on the Saturday of The Victoria Day Weekend, out here in Sawlog Bay.
They started to arrive on Friday, perhaps really arrived Thursday evening, ahead of the not so good weather.
They came- ahead of the rain that we are supposed to have, starting tomorrow - Sunday, and were here, today, Saturday morning, as soon as the morning fog lifted.
For the past day and a half the trees were full of little warblers running around in a feeding frenzy, as the bugs were out in their thousands.
I had to act real fast, even before I had my first sip of that magic morning drink-- aka Coffeeeee!
The little pocket canon did not disappoint me, and with the help of Birds of Ontario and Ken's willingness to help me ID what I was not sure of, I think I did quite well!
Thank you Ken for your help.
Here they are - The Back Yard Warblers of Sawlog Bay

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MPFN member Bob Codd shares these pictures of a leucistic American Goldfinch he had at his feeders. Someone ran out of paint! ...

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MPFN member Ellen Dennig would like to share with her fellow club members some of her photos from a recent trip to Awenda Park.
Here's Ellen:
Hope everyone's doing well.
I've been to Awenda a few times. Once I lucked out and saw the Barred Owl fly away when I walked by, and was able to locate it later up a tree.
Another day all the warblers were flitting about and I was able to identify a Redstart (no picture), a few Blackthroated Blue Warblers, and many Yellow Rumped Warblers. Sorry about the reddish leaf in the picture.
I tried again a couple of days later but had no luck. I saw a number of birds including a Rose breasted Grosbeak, and heard many interesting songs. I recorded some on video, if that is of interest to anyone.
But here are the pictures - if you wish to share with club members that is ok.

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