MPFN Socially Distanced Walk With Friends at Tiny Marsh


Informal club outing at Tiny Marsh

From 10.00 am until 12.00pm

At Tiny Marsh Concession 2 entrance (east side of Marsh)


Midland-Penetanguishene Field Naturalists /

Our Next MPFN Socially Distanced Walk With Friends Friday
Nov. 20, 2020 10 AM
Tiny Marsh Concession 2 entrance (east side of Marsh)
Looking ahead at the forecast for the next couple of weeks it looks like this coming Friday will be our best chance to have the weather cooperate with our next outing. 
And so our next MPFN Socially Distanced Walk with Friends will be Friday Nov. 20, 2020 10 AM at Tiny Marsh Concession 2 entrance (east side of the Marsh)
To get to our meeting spot, turn west on Concession Rd. 2W off of County Rd. 6.  Follow the concession past the last house into the wooded area of the marsh.  You will pass an intersection with a boarded up outhouse.  Keep going straight on (don't take the road to the right).  The road will curve to the left, following a stream, and come to a small parking area.  Watch out for potholes. 
We'll aim for about a 2 hour walk.  No washrooms on site so go before you come. 
We should have our new MPFN toques available at this walk.  Same price as our ball caps, 1 toque $20, 2 toques for $30.  Colours - Navy and Black, one size fits all.  See the attached file for sample images.  We still have some ball caps available for sale as well.  And we will bring along some of our Magic Wye Bean Soup mix - 1 bag for $3, 2 bags for $5.  Please try to bring exact change if you'd like to make a purchase. 
There are a couple of new safety measures in effect at this outing as we try to keep our walks safe for all members.  Someone will be recording attendance, making sure that we have contact info for all participants, just in case any contact tracing needs to be done.  Be sure that you check in with this person. 
Also, though it is not absolutely required that masks be worn outdoors as long as social distancing is observed, we'd ask that all participants carry a mask with them.  That way if you find yourself in a situation where social distancing is difficult (trying to see that rare bug or wildflower!) you can put your mask on until you're able to get the requisite 6 feet away.  You may want to carry some hand sanitizer with you as well.  
We ask participants in these outings to practice social distancing (stay approximately one Trumpeter Swan's wingspan apart), wear masks if you like but not required outdoors as long as you practice social distancing, and do not take part if you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms.  We realize that many of our members are in the high-risk age group so we understand if some members may decide to give these opportunities a pass.  But we feel a socially distanced walk in the outdoors is a fairly low risk activity.  We are not expecting large groups but if we have a surprising turn out we can always split up into smaller groups.  
We ask you to look on these walks, not as official club outings, but rather low key get-togethers of friends to enjoy nature together.