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Threats Facing Bats in Ontario with Kaleigh Norquay

From 7:30 pm until 9:00 pm

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Threats Facing Bats in Ontario with Kaleigh Norquay
We are looking forward to when we can resume in-person meetings at the Wye Marsh, but as we ride out the fourth wave of Covid, now does not seem the time to let down our guard.  So for now at least, we will stay on Zoom. 
Kaleigh Norquay, Willis Bat Lab Manager
Kaleigh has been working in the Willis lab at the University of Winnipeg since 2008 in various capacities, including as a honours' and masters' student where she investigated the hibernation phenology and long-distance movements of little brown bats and modeled survival estimates for bats with White-Nose Syndrome.  Her current role as lab manager involves coordinating field research, training students, administrative support and public outreach.  The Bat Lab regularly does research in Ontario.  The lab is a part of the Neighbourhood Bat Watch, a group of researchers across Canada that monitors bat populations.