MPFN Club Outing: Tiny Marsh Waterfowl Viewing Day


MTM Waterfowl Viewing Day at Tiny Marsh

From 10:00 am until 2.00p

At Tiny Marsh, Trotter Dyke parking lot


M-T-M Conservation Association

It's been a while since we had a club outing, but now there is a great opportunity for club members to take part in the  MTM (Marl Lake-Tiny Marsh-Matchedash Bay) Conservation Association's Waterfowl Viewing Day this coming Saturday.  
The weather forecast for Saturday looks great, in fact, you may need to break out the sunscreen and sun hats.  We still have a few MPFN ball caps available - one hat for $20 or two hats for $30.  And the swans, ducks and geese have been putting on a great show recently in the Marsh.  
A few members have already volunteered to be on hand with their scopes and their expertise to guide some of the waterfowling novices.  But if anyone else would like to volunteer to share their scope, their knowledge and their love of birds, please get in touch with our club president and MTM board member Bob Codd.
Although this event will be open to the general public as well as MPFN club members, it wouldn't hurt to let us know you're coming by replying to this email.  That way we can look out for you on the day.  
Here's a link to some info about the day from MTM as well as info about some of the other goings on at Tiny, including the upcoming "Big Pull" efforts that will need volunteers ready to once again tackle the garlic mustard problem. 
You'll note that some of MTM's info suggests that people gather at the Nature Centre for 10 AM.  But we'd suggest that MPFN members may want to head straight for the Trotter Dike (the north-south dike at Tiny just east of the nature centre).  Half way up that dike is probably where the scopes will be stationed and where most of the action is.  Later in the morning there may be time to walk up to the Carolina (east/west) dike to see what's happening there. 
If the parking lot fills up at the south end of the dike, you can park on the Tiny/Flos townline road.  
Children's activities are being planned at the Nature Centre for 10:30 AM and 12:30 PM.  
Waterfowl viewing is scheduled to go till noon.  For those members of our club group that wish to stick around, we may take a walk on the trails west of the Nature Centre to see what land birds are flying.  Rubber boots or waterproof footwear are definitely recommended.   
At 1 PM there is a very special event being planned at the Nature Centre.  How often do you get to meet an actual World Champion!  Two-time World Champion Wood Carver and MTM Conservation director Wayne Simkin of Waverley will talk about his craft and have some of his award-winning carvings on display. 
Here's a link to Midland Today's coverage of this event. 
Hope to see you all on Saturday along with lots of waterfowl!